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3 HP horse power electric lawn mower destructio..> 10-Mar-2018 23:54     21M
Atari games in the insinkerator.mp4                10-Mar-2018 23:56     45M
DO NOT place liquids on the the Tv.flv             10-Mar-2018 23:58      9M
Electrolux Discovery 2 vacuum disaster.flv         10-Mar-2018 23:59     30M
Electrolux Discovery 2 vacuum test.flv             10-Mar-2018 23:59     23M
Eureka the Boss power vacuum test.flv              10-Mar-2018 23:59     25M
Fantom Fury vacuum clean the lawnrocks.flv         10-Mar-2018 23:59      9M
Fantom Fury vacuum test.flv                        10-Mar-2018 23:59     26M
Fantom vacuum under water.mp4                      11-Mar-2018 00:00     68M
Fanton Thunder vacuum smash.flv                    11-Mar-2018 00:00     18M
Forbidden Sparking Video.flv                       11-Mar-2018 00:00      2M
Forbidden Sparking video _full version_.mp4        11-Mar-2018 00:00     10M
GE remote Tv destruction.flv                       11-Mar-2018 00:00      7M
Hako Minuteman vacuum smash.flv                    11-Mar-2018 00:00     37M
Heavy Duty Extra Large Capacity Plus washing ma..> 11-Mar-2018 00:00     19M
Hoover Commercial vacuum test2.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:01     86M
Hoover Convertible soft _ light vacuum test.flv    11-Mar-2018 00:01     13M
Hoover Convertible soft _ light vacuum test.mp4    11-Mar-2018 00:02     84M
Hoover Runabout Supreme vacuum disaster.mp4        11-Mar-2018 00:02     68M
Hoover Runabout Supreme vacuum fire.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:02      9M
Hoover Runabout Supreme vacuum test.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:02     10M
Hoover commercial vacuum test.flv                  11-Mar-2018 00:01     21M
Hoover concept 2 vacuum test.flv                   11-Mar-2018 00:01     34M
Infinity vacuum test NEVER LOSES SUCTION!.flv      11-Mar-2018 00:02     17M
Kennmore Progressive vacuum durabilty test.flv     11-Mar-2018 00:03     27M
Kenwood car stereo instaled with 120 volts AC.mp4  11-Mar-2018 00:03     26M
Kirby G4 vacuum test.mp4                           11-Mar-2018 00:03    133M
Kirby Sanitronic vacuum cleaner destruction.mp4    11-Mar-2018 00:04     36M
Kirby motor fire.mp4                               11-Mar-2018 00:04     24M
Kirby vacuum grass shredder.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:04     32M
Kirby vacuum motor fire.flv                        11-Mar-2018 00:04      4M
McDonald_s Monopoly game Boardwalk.flv             11-Mar-2018 00:05      2M
McDonald_s Monopoly game Mc mess.flv               11-Mar-2018 00:05      2M
McDonald_s Monopoly game big winner.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:05      1M
McDonald_s Monopoly game complaints.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:05      3M
McDonald_s Monopoly game crazy man.flv             11-Mar-2018 00:05      1M
McDonald_s Monopoly peeling game pieces.flv        11-Mar-2018 00:05      2M
My Little Pony broke down.mp4                      11-Mar-2018 00:06      4M
My Little Pony hammer nose horse.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:06     21M
Oreck XL professional air purifier ionic breeze..> 11-Mar-2018 00:06     23M
Oreck XL vacuum durability test.flv                11-Mar-2018 00:07     22M
Oreck air purifier destruction.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:06     80M
Pace CB radio explosion.mp4                        11-Mar-2018 00:07     40M
RCA console _ GE remote Tv.flv                     11-Mar-2018 00:08     18M
Random funny video clips.flv                       11-Mar-2018 00:07      5M
Samsung projection Tv destruction 2.mp4            11-Mar-2018 00:08     87M
Samsung projection Tv destruction.mp4              11-Mar-2018 00:09     24M
Sanitare vacuum destruction.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:09     46M
Smash an EasyBake oven #1.flv                      11-Mar-2018 00:10     23M
Smash an EasyBake oven #2.flv                      11-Mar-2018 00:10     16M
Smashing a UFO i found, but no aliens.flv          11-Mar-2018 00:16     11M
Sony Hi8 camcorder durability test.flv             11-Mar-2018 00:16     21M
Sony Tv accident.mp4                               11-Mar-2018 00:16     18M
Vintage 1932 AirWay vacuum test pt1.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:17     18M
Voit excercise bike destruction.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:21     86M
Zero Surge Neutralizer _caution electric sparks..> 11-Mar-2018 00:22     38M
a stupid air bed poped.flv                         10-Mar-2018 23:54     13M
angry gamer destroys Atari video computer syste..> 10-Mar-2018 23:54    148M
angry gamer destroys all computer monitors.flv     10-Mar-2018 23:54     12M
angry gamer smashing Atari video computer syste..> 10-Mar-2018 23:55     22M
angry man destroys office of the future.flv        10-Mar-2018 23:55     33M
angry man smashes office of the future _no soun..> 10-Mar-2018 23:55    110M
another vintage Rainbow vacuum durability test.flv 10-Mar-2018 23:55     26M
battery warnings DO NOT_s.mp4                      10-Mar-2018 23:56     19M
blow up Chrysler car stereo cassette radio.mp4     10-Mar-2018 23:56     74M
blow up Polk audio speakers.flv                    10-Mar-2018 23:56     18M
blowing up Acoustic Authority subwoofer.flv        10-Mar-2018 23:56      6M
blowing up more speakers.flv                       10-Mar-2018 23:56     18M
bread maker did not make bread.mp4                 10-Mar-2018 23:57     83M
chopping stuff with Patton high velocity fan 2.mp4 10-Mar-2018 23:57     17M
chopping stuff with Patton high velocity fan.mp4   10-Mar-2018 23:57     14M
chopping stuff with a huge powerful fan.flv        10-Mar-2018 23:57     12M
chopping stuff with a small weak fan.flv           10-Mar-2018 23:57     11M
computer monitor destruction.flv                   10-Mar-2018 23:57     13M
computer monitor expslosion _LOUD_.flv             10-Mar-2018 23:57      1M
cordless lawn mower destruction.flv                10-Mar-2018 23:57     23M
destroy British Girl Tech thing.mp4                10-Mar-2018 23:58     74M
destroy Girl Tech locking trapper keeper thing.flv 10-Mar-2018 23:58     16M
destroy vintage Atari _ games.flv                  10-Mar-2018 23:58     22M
dragging vacuum cleaners _boring video_.flv        10-Mar-2018 23:58      6M
electric mower jam _ fire.flv                      10-Mar-2018 23:58     38M
exploding Super Bright LED lantern.flv             10-Mar-2018 23:59      8M
fancy subwoofer explosion 120 volts.flv            10-Mar-2018 23:59      2M
fixing the RCA console Tv.flv                      11-Mar-2018 00:00     16M
forbidden sparking video #1.flv                    10-Mar-2018 23:53    454K
forbidden sparking video #2.flv                    10-Mar-2018 23:53    265K
grind up Atari _ games.mp4                         11-Mar-2018 00:00     33M
how not to instal Kenwood car stereo cassette p..> 11-Mar-2018 00:02      5M
insane office rage destruction _no sound_.mp4      11-Mar-2018 00:03     88M
life used to be fun and innocent.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:04     11M
man go_s crazy _ destroys office computer.flv      11-Mar-2018 00:04     11M
man go_s crazy and destroys office computer _no..> 11-Mar-2018 00:04     51M
man go_s crazy and destroys office computer.flv    11-Mar-2018 00:05     17M
messed up RCA console Tv.mp4                       11-Mar-2018 00:05     98M
microwave MSG poison flavor enhancer.flv           11-Mar-2018 00:05     19M
mower destruction.mp4                              11-Mar-2018 00:06     56M
office rage.flv                                    11-Mar-2018 00:06     10M
part 2 smash easy bake oven.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:07     79M
pt 2 Heavy Duty Extra Large Capacity Plus washi..> 11-Mar-2018 00:07     15M
pt 3 Heavy Duty Extra Large Capacity Plus washi..> 11-Mar-2018 00:07     20M
rare vintage Air Way vacuum test 1.flv             11-Mar-2018 00:08     19M
rare vintage Air Way vacuum test 2.flv             11-Mar-2018 00:08     16M
red Infinity vacuum test.flv                       11-Mar-2018 00:08     56M
sink erator motor jam.flv                          11-Mar-2018 00:09     16M
smash 10 speed mixer with burst of power.flv       11-Mar-2018 00:09      8M
smash DVD player drive.flv                         11-Mar-2018 00:11      8M
smash Dell laptop computer.flv                     11-Mar-2018 00:11     32M
smash Duracraft stand fan.flv                      11-Mar-2018 00:11      6M
smash Duracraft stand fan.mp4                      11-Mar-2018 00:11     37M
smash Hyundai computer monitor.flv                 11-Mar-2018 00:12     26M
smash Kenmore Microwave.flv                        11-Mar-2018 00:12     27M
smash Kenmore sewing machine.flv                   11-Mar-2018 00:12     19M
smash NEC computer monitor.flv                     11-Mar-2018 00:13     15M
smash Oreck zip vac ultra.mp4                      11-Mar-2018 00:13     53M
smash Packard Bell computer monitor.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:13     22M
smash Patton high velocity fan.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:13      5M
smash Super Deluxe desk fan piece of junk.mp4      11-Mar-2018 00:14     76M
smash Transformers toy.mp4                         11-Mar-2018 00:15     35M
smash Walmart blender.mp4                          11-Mar-2018 00:16     42M
smash a bread maker machine.flv                    11-Mar-2018 00:09     17M
smash a decorative lamp.flv                        11-Mar-2018 00:09      7M
smash a fancy decrotive lamp.mp4                   11-Mar-2018 00:09     30M
smash a kid toy thing.flv                          11-Mar-2018 00:10     21M
smash a tuff tree lamp.mp4                         11-Mar-2018 00:10      7M
smash a vintage 16 inch desk fan.flv               11-Mar-2018 00:10     18M
smash a vintage 16 inch desk fan.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:10     90M
smash brand new Shop Vac vacuum.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:11     54M
smash computer keyboards.flv                       11-Mar-2018 00:11     25M
smash cotton candy machine.flv                     11-Mar-2018 00:11     11M
smash easy bake oven.mp4                           11-Mar-2018 00:12     81M
smash hard drive mega bit bites.flv                11-Mar-2018 00:12      8M
smash light bulbs and glass.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:12     26M
smash mini fan 卓上扇風機.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:13      7M
smash mixer with burst of power.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:13     40M
smash rare vintage Dominion desk fan.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:14    125M
smash rare vintage Eureka vacuum.flv               11-Mar-2018 00:14     25M
smash sparking tree lamp.mp4                       11-Mar-2018 00:14      7M
smash vintage GE flip clock.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:15     33M
smash vintage Hoover Convertible vacuum.flv        11-Mar-2018 00:15      7M
smash vintage Montgomary Ward Airline short wav..> 11-Mar-2018 00:15      4M
smash vintage Smith Corona typwriter.flv           11-Mar-2018 00:15     25M
smash vintage Sunbeam twin blade mower.flv         11-Mar-2018 00:15      8M
smash vintage black telephone.flv                  11-Mar-2018 00:15     22M
smash vintage golden tree lamp.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:15     12M
someone else_s little pony got beat up.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:16     35M
subwoofer blow out.mp4                             11-Mar-2018 00:16      3M
the ghetto RCA console TV.flv                      11-Mar-2018 00:16     12M
vacuum cleaner malfunction.flv                     11-Mar-2018 00:16      5M
vacuum test.flv                                    11-Mar-2018 00:17     36M
vacuum that Never Loses Suction test.flv           11-Mar-2018 00:17     24M
vinatage brown Galaxy desk fan destruction.mp4     11-Mar-2018 00:17     37M
vintage 1932 AirWay vacuum test pt2.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:17     14M
vintage Atari _ games destruction.mp4              11-Mar-2018 00:17     70M
vintage Electrolux canister vacuum destruction.flv 11-Mar-2018 00:18     26M
vintage Electrolux vacuum burn out.mp4             11-Mar-2018 00:18     15M
vintage GE metal box fan destruction.flv           11-Mar-2018 00:18     26M
vintage Hoover Concept 1 vacuum smash.flv          11-Mar-2018 00:18     28M
vintage Hoover Convertible vacuum mess.flv         11-Mar-2018 00:19     12M
vintage Hoover Deluxe 2 speed vacuum 2.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:19     17M
vintage Hoover Deluxe 2 speed vacuum.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:19     30M
vintage Hoover Deluxe vacuum replacment.mp4        11-Mar-2018 00:19     74M
vintage Hoover concept 1 vacuum test.flv           11-Mar-2018 00:19     19M
vintage Kibry vacuum motor fire.flv                11-Mar-2018 00:19     10M
vintage Kirby Sanitronic vacuum test.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:20     63M
vintage Kirby classic Omega broke down.flv         11-Mar-2018 00:19     16M
vintage Panasonic cassette recorder test of des..> 11-Mar-2018 00:20     37M
vintage Rainbow vacuum smash.flv                   11-Mar-2018 00:20     15M
vintage Rainbow vacuum test.flv                    11-Mar-2018 00:20     19M
vintage Shop Vac destruction 掃除機.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:20     15M
vintage Shop Vac flames 掃除機.mp4              11-Mar-2018 00:20     13M
vintage Sunbeam Lawn Champ twin blade electric ..> 11-Mar-2018 00:21      4M
vintage Sunbeam electric lawn mower burning mot..> 11-Mar-2018 00:21     10M
vintage Sunbeam electric mower fire.flv            11-Mar-2018 00:21     20M
vintage Sunbeam twin blade mower smash.flv         11-Mar-2018 00:21      7M
vintage blue Eureka vacuum test.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:18     48M
vintage green Eureka vacuum burn out.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:18     31M
vintage lawn mower fire.flv                        11-Mar-2018 00:20      4M
vintage replacement Rainbow vacuum smash.flv       11-Mar-2018 00:20     21M
vintage white Eureka vacuum test.flv               11-Mar-2018 00:21     20M
washing machine destruction 1.mp4                  11-Mar-2018 00:21     12M
washing machine destruction 2.mp4                  11-Mar-2018 00:22     21M
washing machine destruction 3.mp4                  11-Mar-2018 00:22     25M
water spilled inside RCA console Tv.mp4            11-Mar-2018 00:22     21M
you can_t break these cuffs, I can break these ..> 11-Mar-2018 00:22     15M
キーボードクラッシャーフルバー..> 11-Mar-2018 00:23    111M
芝刈り機 lawn mower chopping stuff.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:23     16M
芝刈り機 mower vs vacuum 2.flv                 11-Mar-2018 00:23     29M
芝刈り機 mower vs vacuum.flv                   11-Mar-2018 00:23     17M