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2,000 lumen flashlight test.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:24     11M
900 vs 2,000 lumen LED flashlight.mp4              11-Mar-2018 00:25     22M
Christmas lights in a paper shredder _action vi..> 11-Mar-2018 00:25      3M
Fellowes paper shredder can_t take a piece of p..> 11-Mar-2018 00:26     27M
Hoover Encore vacuum test 1.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:27     40M
Hoover Encore vacuum test 2.mp4                    11-Mar-2018 00:28     51M
Hoover breathe easy vacuum test.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:27     28M
Hoover vacuum cleaner fire 掃除機.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:28     15M
Huge Mega Hot Fire.mp4                             11-Mar-2018 00:28     15M
Miele vacuum destruction 掃除機.mp4             11-Mar-2018 00:29     97M
Miele vacuum durability test 掃除機.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:29     37M
Miele vacuum test.mp4                              11-Mar-2018 00:30     60M
PRIVATE, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:31     27M
an innocent sunny morning.mp4                      11-Mar-2018 00:25     39M
chopping stuff with a cordless mower.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:25     13M
destroying 15 Mcdonalds Monopoly fry boxes with..> 11-Mar-2018 00:25     12M
disappearing airplane with chemtrails.mp4          11-Mar-2018 00:25     39M
dragging a box fan.mp4                             11-Mar-2018 00:26     21M
dragging a car seat.mp4                            11-Mar-2018 00:26     52M
future things to destroy _never happened_.mp4      11-Mar-2018 00:27     77M
p2 shredding glass with electric chipper shredd..> 11-Mar-2018 00:30     11M
paper shredder endurance Fail _boring video_.flv   11-Mar-2018 00:30     27M
paper shredder refuses to eat food.mp4             11-Mar-2018 00:31    130M
sample video stills.mp4                            11-Mar-2018 00:31     11M
shred more sparking Christmas lights.mp4           11-Mar-2018 00:32     47M
shred smoking Christmas lights.mp4                 11-Mar-2018 00:32     31M
shred sparking Christmas lights.mp4                11-Mar-2018 00:32     32M
shredding 100_s of Mcdonalds Monopoly 2010 game..> 11-Mar-2018 00:32     25M
shredding Mcdonalds Monopoly 2010 game pieces.flv  11-Mar-2018 00:33     15M
shredding glass with electric chipper shredder.flv 11-Mar-2018 00:32      6M
smash DVD discs _ toy laptop thing _action vide..> 11-Mar-2018 00:33     12M
smash Fellowes sparking paper shredder.mp4         11-Mar-2018 00:34     59M
smash HP laser jet printer.mp4                     11-Mar-2018 00:35    173M
smash Royal paper shredder.mp4                     11-Mar-2018 00:36     28M
smash Sony XEL-1 OLED Tv.mp4                       11-Mar-2018 00:38    236M
smash a vintage Boston paper shredder.mp4          11-Mar-2018 00:33     52M
smash fancy paper shredder.mp4                     11-Mar-2018 00:34     78M
smash see n say toy.mp4                            11-Mar-2018 00:37    124M
smash vintage Galaxy box fan in the box 卓上..> 11-Mar-2018 00:39     36M
the sun.mp4                                        11-Mar-2018 00:40    164M
unboxing Sony HDR-AX2000 camcorder.mp4             11-Mar-2018 00:41    148M
unboxing Sony HDR-CX550V camcorder.mp4             11-Mar-2018 00:42    160M
unboxing Sony HXR-NX5U camcorder.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:43     99M
unboxing Sony PMW-EX1R camcorder.mp4               11-Mar-2018 00:44    165M
watch it shred or not.mp4                          11-Mar-2018 00:45     59M
シュレッダー paper shredder overload.mp4     11-Mar-2018 00:45     52M
シュレッダー shred Sony Watchman LCD Tv.mp4  11-Mar-2018 00:45     16M
シュレッダー smash Aurora paper shredder.mp4 11-Mar-2018 00:46     82M
シュレッダー smash big Fellowes paper shr..> 11-Mar-2018 00:47    234M
シュレッダー smashing the paper shredder.mp4 11-Mar-2018 00:48     74M
掃除機 vintage Hoover Convertible vacuum dur..> 11-Mar-2018 00:48     25M